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Archived Webinars

Using What You Have: How Small Programs Can Have Large Impacts (1.15.20)

Learn how to get started on health and well being.  Discover low cost or no cost activities to support students and staff

Advance Your SHI Score Mini Webinar Series

Take a look at the top challenges schools face in each of the five categories of the School Health Index, learn tips and tricks and gather resources to help you enhance your school wellness initiatives and advance your SHI score.

Wellness Wednesday Series

Celebrate National Nutrition Month and National School Breakfast Week

Learn creative ways to celebrate National School Breakfast Week and all month long as part of National Nutrition Month.

Engaging Volunteers through Game On Activities

Get tips on how to recruit and engage parents and community members in one-time and ongoing activities and learn about the resources Action for Healthy Kids has to help you build your volunteer network.

Healthy Celebrations are more FUN!

Learn how to have fun with healthy classroom parties and school celebrations.

Healthy Family Events and Celebrations

Learn how to engage families with healthy and fun events that help to support an overall culture of wellness at your school.

Healthy Snacking

Learn about easy healthy snacks you can serve during or after school, and as part of school celebrations.

Integrating Movement into a Well Rounded Education

Hear examples from AFHK schools and create active classrooms through simple and manageable movement strategies, games and lesson ideas.

Integrating Nutrition into Core Subjects

Learn how your school and teachers can integrate nutrition education into core subjects!

Offering Healthy Snacks at School

Learn from schools across the country on ways to successfully serve healthy snacks to students during the school day.

Pumping Up PE: Get Sweaty (Moderate to Vigorous PE Strategies)

Explore the research, recommendations, and strategies around moderate to vigorous physical activity to ensure that at least half of your class time is maximized!

Turn It Off! Promoting Screen-Free Activities at School

Learn how to organize Screen-Free Week and promote screen-free activities all year round for students and families in your school community.

Yoga in the Classroom

Learn how to use simple yoga-based movements and practices to increase physical fitness, student focus and academic performance.

Staff, Family, Student, & Community Engagement

Engaging Your School Community with Every Kid Healthy Week

Learn more about how you can engage parents, families and your entire school community by hosting an Every Kid Healthy Week event and joining the national movement. (Feb. 2019)

Rock School Health Like A Boss

Learn the information you need to help school administrators and school boards understand the importance of school health to academic success. (Feb. 2018)

Volunteer Orientation

Learn about concrete steps for parents, families and community members to take action to make your school a place where all kids are active, healthy and ready to thrive. (Jan. 2018)

Programs & Practices

Get Your Game On for School  Health

It’s the beginning of a new school year, which means it’s time to get your Game On! Action for Healthy Kids’ Game On program is a no-cost, a fully customizable, online framework designed to help schools create healthier learning environments for students, staff, and communities. Learn how Game On supports the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child and discover ways to build a strong school wellness program this year.

Eat Better at School! Creating a Healthier School Food Culture

Learn about policies and regulations related to the school food environment and come away with project ideas and resources for healthy fundraisers, celebrations and family events, healthy snack programs and non-food rewards. (Jan. 2017)

Game On: Health and Physical Education Teachers

Learn about Game On and hear about specific examples and tips on how to integrate Game On into health and physical education. (Dec. 2017)

Game On: Your One-Stop Shop for School Health

Learn how to use Game On to build a strong school wellness program this year. (Sept. 2018)

Helping Kids Learn Better with Healthy School Meals

Learn how national school meal programs work and how parents and community members can deepen support, trust and meaningful collaboration with nutrition services staff to create healthier school food environments. (March 2018)

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic…and Recess!

Learn more about why recess is important and how you can advocate for better recess in your schools! (April 2018)

School Breakfast: Making Breakfast Part of the School Day

Discover breakfast models and strategies to support breakfast after the bell and incorporating breakfast into the school day. (March 2017)

School Breakfast: Menu Options for Alternative Breakfast Models (Jan. 2019)

School Breakfast: Moving Breakfast Increases Participation and Learning Outcomes

Discover how moving breakfast out of the cafeteria and after the bell increases both participation and learning. (Oct. 2017)

Students to Superintendents: Key Stakeholders’ Qualitative Perspectives and Experiences with Local School Wellness Policies

This presentation outlines the key qualitative findings from the National Wellness Policy Study’s stakeholder focus groups and interviews. Hosted by Jamie F. Chriqui, Ph.D. (Jan. 2019)

Tools & Resources

Activate Your Dream Team:  5 Best Practices for Successful School Health Teams

Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much! Creating a culture of health and well-being at your school requires more than just one champion – in fact, it takes a whole village with support across many levels. School Health Teams may have different names and come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have one common goal – To rally forces to make schools healthier!

Whether starting a school health team or serving on an existing one, bringing new ideas and serving as a bridge to other team members can create healthy and sustainable learning communities and successful students. Take a minute to learn a quick overview of the top 5 best practices for successful school health teams!

2020-2021 School Grants: Game On Webinar

Learn more about our Game On grants that support physical activity and/or nutrition programming. (Feb. 2020)

2020-2021 School Grants: Parents for Healthy Kids Webinar

Learn more about our Parents for Healthy Kids grants that support physical activity or nutrition programming. (Feb. 2020)

School Digs! (Raising the Bar and Profits with Healthy School Fundraisers)

Learn how you can improve and make sure that kids are getting the right message about healthy eating and being active! (May 2018)

Take Action to Improve Health with the School Health Index

The SHI is an online assessment tool that helps your school understand what school health best practices your school has in place, and where you can improve. (Oct. 2018)

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