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Action for Healthy Kids Community-Led Learning Sessions

Action for Healthy Kids can’t do this work alone. Parents/caregivers,  youth leaders, district and school staff, and more – we need your voice and sharing of best practices as we strive to help children become healthy in body and mind. Learn more about our community-led learning sessions below.

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Virtual learning sessions are key to Action for Healthy Kids’ (AFHK) program model.  Learning sessions are presentations or workshops where the audience learns about an idea or best practice. They are designed to further the knowledge, skills, and confidence of educators, district and school staff, parents, caregivers, and community members. Together we can build our capacity in becoming change agents for healthier communities and it is with great excitement that we launch our Community-led Learning Sessions. 

Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis, so you can submit proposals and new ideas year-round! Continue reading for more details. 

The Opportunity

Action for Healthy Kids invites you to submit proposals for interactive and engaging virtual learning sessions to build knowledge and capacity within a specific topic area, promote social development, and strengthen family-school partnerships within the community. A request for proposal is a form that helps us to learn more about what you are presenting, how you will present it, and how you feel it will help us meet our collective goals.

Think outside the box! We encourage you to bring your biggest and most creative ideas.

Proposals can be submitted on a variety of topics that align with one of the following strands:

• Supporting the Whole Child
Sessions align with AFHK’s Family-School Partnership Program Model to support the implementation of one or more components of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model at school and/or at home.

• Advancing Health & Educational Equity
Sessions are designed to highlight assets, create awareness and alleviate challenges in underserved communities. Sessions may also enhance knowledge to serve as allies further impacting change.

• Hot Topics
Sessions address current hot-topic issues in the PreK-12 education space. Current topics for the 2021-2022 school year include: Navigating the Effects of COVID-19, Project-based Learning, and Digital Citizenship.

• Open Space
Sessions or activities that do not fit within the categories above.

For more details on the learning tracks, session types, etc. check out the proposal guide linked below.

AFHK Community-Led Learning Session Proposal Guide

Who is AFHK looking for?

You! Moms, dads, teachers, students, school staff, community members, and school wellness experts who want to work together to create healthier learning environments for our children. We believe that everyone has a part to play in ensuring children are safe, engaged, supported, challenged, and healthy. We want to help elevate your voice and share your best practices with others.

We seek a diverse group of presenters which includes parents, youth, district and school staff, subject-matter experts, and community stakeholders who align with our mission and goals.  We welcome the unique perspective and knowledge that  presenters representative of marginalized communities and/or underserved communities bring.

Action for Healthy Kids is committed to seeking and embracing diversity, actively pursuing equity, and fostering an inclusive environment. We ​value ​diversity ​across ​multiple and intersectional dimensions, ​including ​but ​not ​limited ​to ​race, ​ethnicity, ​socioeconomic background, ​sexual ​orientation, gender identity, ​religious ​beliefs, ​​disability ​status, ​and ​age. We respect and value diverse life experiences and heritages and strive to ensure all voices are heard.  Action for Healthy Kids requires all presenters to review and follow our diversity, equity, and inclusion community agreement.

    AFHK Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Compact
    Steps to Submit

    Ready to get started? Just follow these simple steps:

    • Step 1: Get a feel for what goes into a proposal, how to engage audience members and tips for presenting with the AFHK Community-Led Learning Sessions Proposal Guide
    • Step 2: Determine what session strand/ topic(s) align with your individual skills, background and expertise. Note: Some sessions may cover multiple topics. Please identify the primary focus of your session.
    • Step 3: Develop your proposal. Consider using the proposal checklist (page 8 of the proposal guide) to select your session format/length, develop your speaker bio and draft your session objectives, outcomes, and target audience.   
    • Step 4: Submit your proposal via the link below! 


    Questions or need support? Email us at!


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    Proposals are reviewed, on a rolling basis, using a rubric and scored by the AFHK/Diversity Leadership Team selection committee.

    A member of our team will notify you about your submission within four weeks.