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Colorado Parents for Healthy Kids Program

Wellness Kit Program

Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK) and Colorado PTA are pleased to offer the Colorado Parents for Healthy Kids Wellness Kit Program in 2019-2020. School parent groups accepted into the program receive project equipment kits valued at up to $1,000 each to support their efforts to provide nutritious food, nutrition education and comprehensive physical activity for their students. Awarded groups also receive expertise, training opportunities and resources to help them implement a successful project that engages families and community members and leads to sustainable change. Program coaching and resources are also available in Spanish.

Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK) y el PTA de Colorado se complacen en ofrecer oportunidades del Programa de Bienestar para Padres de Colorado para el 2019-2020. El Programa de Bienestar y algunos recursos están disponibles en español. Para completar una aplicación en español, comuníquese con Maritza Gutierrez a o al 303.917.4797.

Program Goals

  • Activate parent groups to make transformative improvements to their school food and physical activity environments to improve student health and increase academic success
  • Engage parents, families and community members in school wellness and healthy lifestyles initiatives
  • Build partnerships between school health teams and parent groups to lead sustainable efforts to help students be healthy, active and ready to learn

Wellness Project Kits

The wellness project kits are designed to provide schools with all the equipment and resources they need to implement a nutrition or physical activity project. Project ideas and resources from AFHK’s Game On program are provided with each kit. Awarded schools will select one wellness project kit. Each kit has an elementary or secondary version available.

Taste Test & Nutrition Promotion Kit – Includes everything you need to host a taste test for 500 students including a professional grade smoothie blender, recipes, serving cups, kitchenware and utensils along with posters, games and activities to promote healthy eating.

Healthy Cooking Kit – Includes a professional grade blender, induction burner and other cooking equipment to prepare healthy recipes with students in connection with a school garden program, healthy cooking club, nutrition education initiative or family cooking events.

Active Recess Cart – Includes a rolling cart filled with play equipment such as balls, hula hoops and jump ropes to be used to increase physical activity during indoor or outdoor recess, before or after-school activity programs or as an option for healthy classroom celebrations and rewards.

Healthy Games, Celebrations & Rewards Kit – Includes a Bluetooth music speaker and a variety of active games and rewards that can be used as healthy alternatives to traditional classroom parties and food rewards. Elementary kits also include a rewards treasure box.

Classroom Physical Activity Kit – Includes four bins for multiple classrooms, each with a variety of equipment such as fitness dice, yoga and FitDeck cards and a timer to create frequent 5-10 minute movement breaks in the classroom or to get kids moving during indoor recess. 

See detailed information about each kit.

Who is eligible?

Eligible parent groups:

  • PTA/PTSAs – parent-teacher associations affiliated with National PTA and Colorado PTA
  • Other independent school parent organizations or parent groups associated with a school
  • School health/wellness teams led by parent champions or working with a school parent group
  • School health/wellness teams working to engage parents and families in health and wellness

Eligible schools:

AFHK and Colorado PTA partner with different funders and sponsors to offer the Wellness Kit Program at no cost to schools in Colorado. School eligibility for the no-cost program is determined by the needs and objectives of our current funding partners. Selected schools must have a free and reduced price school meal eligibility rate of 50% or higher AND/OR be in a county designated as rural or frontier. 

Find your school’s free and reduced rate.

Find your county designation.

Parent groups must have the support of their school administration and have a designated school staff advisor on their team to participate in the program and ensure that all grant requirements are met. It is also recommended that they seek support from their district wellness leaders. Schools will be selected based on need, strength of project design, level of parent participation, family and community engagement, community support, sustainability plan and regional and demographic diversity.

Priority will be given to PTA schools; however, all school parent groups are encouraged to apply. Schools that have already received a wellness kit through the program are not eligible at this time.

Program Requirements

For detailed program requirements and steps to apply, see the Wellness Kit Program Application Instructions. English | Spanish

Requirements include:

  • Schools are required to build a team of at least 5 individuals including a School Staff Advisor and a Parent Contact to implement a nutrition or physical activity project using the selected kit, best practices and policy initiatives. Participating PTA/PTSA schools are also required to designate a Health, Wellness & Safety Liaison.
  • Schools must complete the Colorado Healthy Schools Smart Source.
  • Schools are required to collect specific data related to their projects at the beginning and end of the program.
  • Project leaders are required to participate in three meetings (via phone or in-person) with AFHK program coordinator during the course of the program.
  • Schools must join the celebration during Every Kid Healthy Week by hosting a family-friendly health-promoting event during April of their project year.
  • Program participants are required to complete Colorado AFHK’s annual spring program survey, and project leaders are required to submit a final report. Parent participants are also required to submit parent baseline and exit surveys.

Steps to Apply

Download the application questions. English | Spanish

  1. All schools/parent groups are encouraged to contact Program Coordinator Denise Marques at prior to submitting an application to discuss program goals and requirements.
  2. Schools/parent groups should complete an initial draft with their team in order to organize the proposal in a thoughtful manner, check spelling and ensure accurate character count. Once completed, use the online link below to submit your official application by copying and pasting your responses into the survey. Application fields have character count limits (not word count). All characters, including spaces and punctuation, are part of the overall character count.
  3. Applications must be submitted online via SurveyMonkey. Please note that no hard copies, emails or faxed applications will be accepted. You must enter all of your responses and submit the survey at one time. If you do not complete the survey in one sitting, you’ll need to start over at a later time. The SurveyMonkey application is in English only. To submit an application in Spanish, contact Maritza Gutierrez at or 303.917.4797.

Timeline for Spring 2019 applications:

  • Friday, April 5, 2019: Applications due
  • Monday, April 15, 2019: Awarded schools notified
  • Friday, May 3, 2019: Signed Terms and Conditions due
  • Friday, May 17, 2019: Baseline project and parent surveys due
  • May-September 2019: Project kick-off calls with AFHK program coordinator
  • August-September 2019: Shipment of kits to schools
  • September-October 2019: Schools complete and submit Smart Source
  • September 2019 – March 2020: Project implementation, including project check-in call with AFHK program coordinator
  • March-April 2020: Every Kid Healthy Week Survey Due (exact date TBD)
  • April 27-May 1, 2020: Every Kid Healthy Week Celebrations
  • April-May 2020 – Final interviews with AFHK program coordinator, parent exit surveys, project post-surveys, final project report due
  • May 2020 – Colorado AFHK annual program survey due (exact date TBD)

For detailed program information and steps to apply, see the Wellness Kit Program Application Instructions or contact:
Denise Marques | Program Coordinator | Colorado Parents for Healthy Kids |

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