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The Colorado Action for Healthy Kids state team collaborates with schools, districts and state and local partners to advance nutrition and physical activity initiatives in schools statewide. Through our collaborative efforts, we support the mission of Action for Healthy Kids: to ensure every kid is healthy, active and ready to learn. We provide the support and resources that schools need to engage school professionals, families and communities in actions that lead to healthy eating, physical activity and healthier schools where kids thrive.

Colorado Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK) is committed to increasing the voice of parents and families and enhancing their leadership capacity related to creating healthier schools. Through our Parents for Healthy Kids programs, Colorado AFHK teaches parents and family members how to work with schools and how to become advocates for healthier school policies, practices and programs.

With nearly one in four Colorado children overweight or obese, Colorado has a critical need to make our school environment as healthy as possible. Parents and family members are essential, but often overlooked partners in making this successful. Targeting parents and families of school-aged children advances the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model by mobilizing these important allies to bring insight, new ideas and leadership to the planning and implementation process around school health. Our goals are to:

  • Ensure ALL kids are healthy and ready to learn
  • Recognize and support the importance of parents, families and community involvement in efforts to impact student health
  • Connect school community and local organizations to work together in supporting the health and academic achievement of students
  • Advance health equity across Colorado

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State Partners

Colorado PTA and members of Healthy School, Successful Students (HSSS)—a collective of state-wide organizations, agencies, and higher education institutions focused on health and education. Visit The Hub for a complete collection of school health and wellness resources offered by HSSS partners in Colorado.

Key Initiatives

Colorado AFHK collaborates with Colorado PTA, local community groups and partners in Colorado’s Healthy School, Successful Students collective impact network to support our key initiatives:

  1. Wellness Kit Program – Action for Healthy Kids and Colorado PTA are working with 25 school parent groups across Colorado in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 to promote healthy lifestyles and increase academic achievement through our Wellness Kit Program. Awarded groups receive a wellness project kit valued at up to $1,000, along with coaching, training opportunities and resources to help implement a successful nutrition or physical activity project that engages students and families. Learn more.
  2. Parents for Healthy Kids Educational Workshops – Colorado AFHK partners with school districts, parent groups and community organizations to provide in-person trainings to engage parents on school wellness teams and to advocate for healthy school and family practices. Workshops are offered in English and Spanish. Check out upcoming Colorado workshops on our AFHK events page.
  3. Parent Advisory Board – Since 2015 Colorado AFHK has convened champions from around the state to gather input related to our work from the perspective of parents and family members. We also provide the advisory board members with training, networking and leadership opportunities to sustain their energy and efforts as school wellness leaders. Learn more.
  4. Colorado PTA Health Wellness and Safety Liaisons – Our Colorado team provides Colorado PTA with technical support to build statewide awareness and organizational infrastructure around school health and wellness including training materials and recruitment support for the school-level Health, Wellness, and Safety Liaison position. Learn more.

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