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Colorado AFHK Parent Advisory Board

The Colorado Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK) Parent Advisory Board was formed in April 2015, and has over 60 members spanning urban, suburban and rural school communities across Colorado.


The Parent Advisory Board was established to:

  • Help inform Action for Healthy Kids and its partners about school wellness issues, opportunities and concerns at the grassroots level from the perspective of parents and family members.
  • Provide parent and family champions with training and networking opportunities to help them support school health teams and drive sustainable wellness initiatives.
  • Provide parent and family champions with volunteer and leadership opportunities to move AFHK’s mission forward and to advance Colorado’s healthy schools collective impact efforts.

Membership Requirements

At a minimum, we ask that Parent Advisory Board members:

  • Serve as active participants in school wellness efforts in their community, including participation on their school or district health team, if a formal team has been established.
  • Complete our annual program survey.

We also welcome members to participate by sharing their stories, expertise and input via social media, focus groups, phone calls and in-person events.

Recommending Champions to Serve on the Board

Would your organization or school community like to recommend a parent or family member? We’re looking for:

  • Parents, family members or caregivers of school-aged children who have demonstrated their ongoing commitment to school health through their activities as school wellness leaders in their communities.
  • 1-2 champions per school or district who are active in school wellness efforts in their community, ideally including participation on their school health team or another school group (PTA/PTO) if a formal school health team has not been established.
  • English or Spanish speaking parents, family members or caregivers.

If your school community would like to recommend 1-2 parents, family members or caregivers to serve on the Board, please email the following information to Denise Marques. If an email or mailing address is not available, please let us know where to send the invitation.

  • First and Last Name
  • Email
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Best language for invitation (English or Spanish – English will be the default if you don’t specify)
  • Their School/District affiliation
  • Your name, contact info and organization

Questions about the Board?

Contact Denise Marques, Colorado Parents for Healthy Kids Program Coordinator:

Download information about the Parent Advisory Board.

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