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Back In School 2021-2022

In past years, we could expect to find pens, pencils, notebooks and folders piled up in shopping carts come early September. This year, face masks and hand sanitizer have become mainstays, too. 

This school year already looks different - and should continue to!  

While many things have changed, there are still a number of ways to remain engaged during your child’s school year - and a number of resources to help families navigate those changes, too.  

By showing the need for continued effort from every level—that’s parents and families, students, teachers, and everyone in between—AFHK will use our knowledge, resources and unique family-school partnerships to help families take steps to stay safe and lessen opportunity cost from COVID-19.

Our resources include ways to promote at school, how to get the whole school community involved, and tips and ideas to reinforce and model healthy habits at home.

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Planning for the Next Normal at School

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Not being in school affected many children's social-emotional well being. More students reported increased feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness.

For many students, school provides the opportunity for free or reduced breakfast and lunch.

School nurses have the know-how to teach students and families about what's going on with their child and bridge the gap between health and education.

Proper playgrounds and equipment let kids have a safe environment to be active.