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Rain Games: Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

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For kids, summertime frequently means extra time to play and explore outdoors. Whether it’s going on a nature walk, playing hopscotch or drawing with sidewalk chalk, or splashing around in water, it seems pretty easy to find ways to pass the time outside when the sun’s shining. But what about on those stormy, gray days when it’s too damp or cold to play outside? Use those rainy days as an opportunity to get inspired, have fun and play indoors! It may take a little creativity but coming up with new games and activities will encourage your child to flex their imagination muscle and try something different.

Take Action

Build a Castle!

Take building a pillow fort to the next level, and make it a castle! Use different height objects, like stools and side tables, to build lookout towers on the side of your fortress. Add blankets to represent water and pillows to act as a moat. Have multiple kids at home that want to get it on the fun? Have them each pick different roles to play, like a guard, queen, sheriff, and joker! Then have them create and put on their own play, using the castle they built as the setting!

Create Your Own Cooking Lesson!

Do you have a budding chef on your hands? Or a kiddo that likes to try out new foods? Pick a healthy and age-appropriate recipe, and involve your little one in preparing the dish together! Have a camera accessible? Switch on the record button, and pretend you’re filming a real live cooking show! Make sure to end the lesson with the very best part – taste tests!

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Active Sensory Play

Being stuck inside on a rainy day may result in some kids feeling anxious or restless. Help them regulate those feelings by integrating some simple sensory play. One of the best things about sensory activities is that they can be modified to work well for children of any age and ability. Additionally, they can be calming, quiet activities, or activities that are active and physical and help release energy.

For more calming play, try making a sensory bag! Start by filling a sealable plastic bag (like a Ziploc bag) with a base like water or shaving cream. Then add in smaller, more tactile objects like marbles or Legos, as well as some drops of food coloring. Then tape the bag down along all four sides onto a surface like a kitchen floor or a table. Let your child sit and explore the different sensory experiences with the various materials and feelings!

For more active play, create an obstacle course in your hallway or throughout your home using masking tape, poster board and markers, bubble wrap, pillows, and other household items! Have your child do physical activities like jumping jacks, somersaults and heel-to-toe balancing, and different auditory activities like banging a pot and wooden spoon or singing the alphabet (older kids? Make them sing it backwards for an extra challenge!).

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Playing indoors doesn’t have to require creating new activities for your kids – many of the activities typically done during the day to stay active and healthy, can be modified for kids to successfully do indoors.

Set up a yoga mat or a non-slip rug and try some yoga poses or meditations together.

Have kids that like music? Host a song writing or singing contest!

Tap into the activities that your kids typically enjoying doing when they’re not at home, and make some small changes so that they’re indoor-friendly!

Is your child disappointed that they can’t get outside to play tag with their friends on the playground? Try playing freeze dance instead! It’s not as much running around as a game of tag, but they’ll still get to get their wiggles out and have some fun competition.

Got a sports lover that’s missing their time on the field? Blow up a balloon, drop it into the middle of a long table with kids on both ends, and have each team try and blow the balloon off the edge of their opponents’ side!

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