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Mission Control: Ways to Take Action

There are countless ways to take action, and we’ve got a bunch to get you started. Scroll through to find one that works for you or jump down the page for seasonal ideas. Don’t see your action listed? Tell us about it below!

This mission is a team effort.


  1. Connect with other parents on our exclusive Healthy Kids Network social platform.
  2. Talk with your principal or teachers about supporting kids’ health and well-being.
  3. Get local businesses and community members involved.
  4. Connect with us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).
  5. Host or attend a healthy school event (like Every Kid Healthy Week).

Knowledge is power.


  1. Explore our tips and ideas for improving health at school and at home.
  2. Attend an Action for Healthy Kids webinar or event.
  3. Take our Healthy Schools Quiz.
  4. Sign up to receive our latest news and resources.

Spread the word.


  1. Tell us your action or story. We may publish it!
  2. Share our content on social media.
  3. Post photos and/or stories of your healthy actions with #TakeAction4HealthyKids.
  4. Share your spaces: Help school and community sites stay open for families.

Healthy habits start at home.


  1. Try a new, healthy recipe. Have your kids help you cook.
  2. Help your kids set healthy goals. Keep track of progress.
  3. Get the whole family moving more and eating better.
  4. Commit to taking action for your kids. We’ll send you dozens more ideas.

Like what we're doing? Help us keep it going.


  1. Support our mission—donate today.
  2. DIY fundraise for Action for Healthy Kids.
  3. Run a marathon with Team Healthy Kids.
  4. Raise money with every mile you run, walk, bike, or dance with Charity Miles.

An action for every season

Stretch your body, calm your mind

The post-holiday season can be a stressful time. Join your kids for some yoga and mindfulness exercises to help clear their heads. Doing these practices regularly can build lifelong healthy habits!

Learn more

New year, new smoothies

Smoothies have become a big part of people’s health routines—and they’re a GREAT way to get kids to eat their veggies. But the same old ingredients can get boring, so make the new year a fresh start for your smoothie flavors and combinations.

Let's eat

Take the Superbowl Challenge

The Super Bowl is just around the corner. Get kids involved in game-watching activities by inviting them to work out alongside the athletes. Play this game for a night of fitness and fun!

Get moving

What's your action?

Every action counts! There are so many ways you can take action every day. Tell us how you you’re taking action for healthy, happy kids. We’ll add it to the actions tracker and may share it with our network to inspire others. (And don’t forget to share your story on social media using #TakeAction4HealthyKids.)