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  • Can Middle Schools Take the Challenge?

    Research shows Game On! is best utilized in elementary schools. If you work or go to a middle school, check out Fuel Up to Play60.
  • Challenge Families to Get Healthy Together

    Schools offer the space for fun and active Family Fun Days! Open up the equipment closets and bring your tennis shoes!
  • Taste Tests Help Students Eat Better

    Believe it or not, some students have never eaten a fresh pear! Taste tests are a great way to expose students to healthy and exciting foods.
  • Throw a Game On! Party

    Celebrate your healthy school at any time during the school year! Make sure to invite the entire community to show how you make health a priority in your school.
  • High School Students Take Charge

    Game On! is specific for elementary schools, but, no worries! A program for high schools exists too, Students Taking Charge!
  • Create an Active Recess

    Are kids just hanging around the tire swing during recess? Get their bodies and brains moving with Recess in Action ideas!
  • Elementary Schools Take the Game On! Challenge

    Thousands of elementary schools across the country have taken the Game On! Challenge.

About Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge

Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge challenges America’s elementary schools, their staff, students, and the families they serve to incorporate healthy food choices and physical activity into their daily lives and into the culture of their school community. This no-cost step-by-step online guide provides all the information and resources you need to host a successful school wellness program in your elementary school during the entire school year and beyond.  Working together, we can help students eat better and move more. The Game On! framework features over 45 Eat Better and Move More Challenges, for students grades K through 6, that emphasize healthy eating and physical activity before, during, and after school—even at home!

Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge is...

  • fun for kids and the adults who support them; 
  • free and easy to implement and adaptable for your school’s schedule, resources and needs; 
  • a structured framework for helping students eat better and move more—both in school and out of school; and 
  • about good health throughout the entire school day, the school year, the campus environment and the surrounding community.

The flexible framework offers your elementary school...

  • 5 steps for planning and launching a successful program;
  • suggested—but flexible—calendar that provides ideas for implementing and pacing challenge activities;
  • promotional ideas and take-home materials to help students eat better and move more—and to reinforce these key messages with faculty, staff, families and community members; 
  • over 45 easy-to-implement challenges that incorporate academic concepts or help improve student health and academic achievement; 
  • tracking tools that let participants measure their success in meeting healthy eating and physical activity challenges; and
  • success stories with exciting challenge ideas from those who have already taken the Game On! Challenge in their school.

Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge is founded on core U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition principles, outstanding programs from a number of federal agencies, Action for Healthy Kids’ studies and initiatives, and free and low-cost resources from other leading organizations.

What about middle and high schools...

Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge focuses on wellness solutions for elementary schools.  This flexible framework does exist for middle and high schools, however. 

  • Middle Schools - Fuel Up to Play 60 empowers middle school students to take control of their own health, and gives middle schools the tools to ensure healthy eating and physical activity is part of the everyday culture on campus.  From our partners, the National Dairy Council and the National Football League, Fuel Up to Play 60 is a no-cost flexible framework targeting middle schools and the students they serve.  Fuel Up Now>>
  • High Schools - Youth have very powerful voices and can significantly impact their environment in positive ways.  Students Taking Charge empowers high school students to be change agents in their schools around nutrition and physical activity initiatives.  Students can choose from Grab 'N' Go project ideas, or create their own to make their school a healthy place to learn and grow.  Take Charge Now>>

What about children with special needs...

Children with special needs are about twice as likely as other children to be overweight or obese often due to the related greater likelihood of being sedentary.  Some conditions, such as cerebral palsy, increase difficulty in eating thus leading to underweight but others, such as Down syndrome, may contribute to overeating and overweight or obesity. However, the general trend of obesity in children with special needs is much greater than underweight.  Learn how to ensure your health initiatives are inclusive of all children>>


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