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Welcome to the Texas Team

Action for Healthy Kids is the nation’s leading nonprofit and largest volunteer network fighting childhood obesity and undernourishment by partnering with schools to improve nutrition and physical activity to help our kids learn to eat right, be active every day, and be ready to learn.


Texas Action for Healthy Kids (TAHK) had an exciting few years with success in a number of areas including parent engagement and increased team membership. Through mini grants to middle schools and day care centers, TAHK was able to reach a variety of parents, engage them in nutrition and physical activity projects, and train them to advocate for campus level policy that supports healthy activities at the school building level.  In addition, through the parent engagement efforts, work with the Texas State PTA, and collaboration with the Texas Education Agency on a series of statewide webinars TAHK’s membership almost tripled this year.

About Us and Our Activities

Parent Engagement

TAHK has worked with 10 middle schools and 11 child care centers throughout Central Texas on a series of parent engagement initiatives and trainings.  Launched in the fall of 2009, middle school parents have helped plan and coordinate family fitness fun nights, reviewed and recommended policy changes and received training on the importance of good nutrition and physical activity for student success.  TAHK also recognized several additional middle schools for implementing effective parent engagement programs.

TAHK recognized the need to reach children prior to their entry into the school system at the age of five or six as habits have already started to form. To address this, TAHK provided $500 mini-grants to 11 child care centers to support parent engagement activities in an effort to improve nutrition and physical activity among preschool age children. 


Membership in TAHK has more than tripled, increasing from 581 during the 2008-2009 school year to 1592 members in 2009-2010, now TAHK has over 3,000 members! In addition to its parent engagement efforts, TAHK’s increased credibility from its relationship with the TX State PTA produced at least 300 new members.  The State PTA shared TAHK’s news and information with its local chapters who blast out information to individual school PTAs.  TAHK also worked with the TX State PTA to present Parents are the Power at PTA meetings and the annual state PTA conference. TAHK has also hosted an exhibit booth to share tips for parents during the conference. Check our events calendar for dates!

A collaboration with the Texas Education Agency that focused on the production and implementation of webinars on coordinated school health including nutrition and physical activity in schools, generated a significant number of new team members. These webinars are delivered to  Texas regional service centers throughout the state as well as through the Action for Heatlhy Kids webinar service. (Webinars are achived below)

The reach of TAHK is substantial.  The team reached 16,000 students, 10,000 parents, and 500 school districts in the 2009-2010 school year. 

What’s Next?

For the 204-2015 school year, TAHK  continues its parent engagement efforts, and has worked collaboratively with its Partners - AgriLife Extension, DairyMAX, Dept of State Health Services, It's Time Texas,Texas PTA and YMCA to develop School Health Advisory Council trainings. Go to www.itstimetexas.org/SHAC for resources or to find out more about trainings. We will alsobe working with new schools on implementing breakfast programs in several Texas school districts.


  • April 10, 2013 Webinar - This webinar covers state policy on including school health in your campus improvement plan, announcement on It's Time Texas Summit in June, What is Good PE?, resources from TSHAC and updates from TX Dept of Agriculture on HealthierUS Schools Challenge.  Click here.  NOTE: Sound issues during the first 8 minutes of the recording).
  • March 6, 2013 Webinar  - Year of Coordinated School Health - Implementation - Learn about starting a school garden, farm to school and safety assessment in Texas, as well as new guidelines on dealing with lice and how the new USDA proposed rules on competitive foods matches with the Texas School Nutrition policy.  Click here.

Get Involved

Action for Healthy Kids has an easy to use Get in the Action Volunteer Center.  Not only can you find volunteer opportunities near you, you can also post opportunities as well!  Check it out >>>

There are many opportunities to get involved with Action for Healthy Kids in Texas--from becoming a team member, to attending Action for Healthy Kids’ events, to making a financial contribution--you can help create a safer environment for our kids!

If you feel compelled to lend your voice to one of most important issues of our time, and would like to take that first step towards creating a healthier environment for our kids, join the Action for Healthy Kids community by taking the Every Kid Healthy Pledge.


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